Monday, October 30, 2006

Show #27 The Academy in Manayunk

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Parents know one source of special education is the local public school. But if your child needs help but doesn't qualify for services, or if you aren't happy with the services or the progress your child is making, is there any alternative?

One of the options is to look at the growing number of private schools specializing in teaching children with language-based learning disabilities. The gold standard and original school to specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities is the Lab School of Washington, DC, started by Sally Smith. The school just recently opened a third affiliate in Philadelphia, The Academy in Manayunk. The Academy uses the Lab School Model to instruct children with language based learning disabilities on a college prep course of study, 2nd through 7 th grade. It also has a large commitment to instruct teachers, educators, parents, and the community about research-based instruction and how all groups can team together to make these children academically successful.
I know you'll enjoy learning about the Academy from the Executive Director, Pat Roberts and Associate Director, Nancy Blair, themselves.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Show # 26 Lesson 8 and The New Changes in the IDEA

This week's supplemental show is pretty short. We talk about two of the important changes highlighted by the US Department of Education in their regional meetings about the new Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA. The newest information on the IDEA can be found on the Deaprtment's website by clicking here.

We play Black Coffee by Chaz, and it's available on the Podsafe Music Network.

We finish the second half of the show with Lesson 8 in our ten part series on Maximizing Your Child's Cognitive Abilities- Teaching children to delay gratification. While recording this show, I had this same problem with delayed gratification, as my family stood outside the studio doors urging me to finish the podcast so we could go out to dinner.... so real life enters this podcast, unscheduled but apropos.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Show # 25: Dr. James Conroy Interview, Part 2

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In part 2, Dr. Conroy, from the Center for Outcome Analysis and I continue our conversation about whether children with learning disabilities are being served adequately in a regular cloassroom, or whether segregation is appropriate at times. We talk about children who are both gifted and learning disabled, and why changes in education need to start in the training of our teachers. We both agree that changing the face of education means finally, teching children how to learn. By giving them the skills and tools for effective learning and critical thinking, we'll have kids who are life long learners, not just people who are good at spitting back rote information.

As always, please email us with your comments at ,leave a comment on this or our wordpress blog, or call us at (206) 666-2343! We want to hear from you!

ALSO This Week:

LD Podcast Joins Grasshopper New Media
The wonderful people at Grasshopper New Media
have asked me to join their growing network of podcasts. Grasshopper is a new New Media company, and are in the process of creating great channels of content I know you will love. By having "one stop shopping", you'll be able to find shows related to the same topic or genre. For example, The Grasshopper New Media Parenting Channel will consist of podcasts, videocasts, blogs, and other content relating to subjects of interest to families, whether it's the LD Podcast, Career Mom Radio, or any of the other great Grasshopper affiliates. This is the same great content, it will just be available and affiliated with other great content providers, other shows you might find right up your alley. Subscriptions through iTunes should stay the same, and with any changes in feeds, subscriptions, or the like, you'll hear it and see it here long before any changes are made.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show # 24- Dr. James Conroy

Show # 24 Dr. James Conroy from the Center for Outcome Analysis (Part One)

I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. James Conroy from the Center for Outcome Analysis. Dr. Conroy has been involved with measuring the outcomes of social services programs for many years- one of his missions is to figure out whether people are better off after particpating in social services or not, and what people really need out of the programs. He has two children who have LD, and has struggled, even as an expert psychologist, through the same IEP process and what Individualized Education really means in practice. Is segregating kids into special schools and classrooms the best plan, or is full inclusion better, or is it somewhere in between? Jim is one of the smartest people I've spoken with, and I know you'll enjoy his insights and stories.

Click here to download my interview with Dr. James Conroy (Part One)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Show # 23 Lesson 7 + Just One More Book

I had alot of fun interview Mark & Andrea Blevis for this podcast. mark & Andrea have 2 daughters, and started the Just One More Book podcast to share their love of children's books with us all. We talk about what makes a great children's book, and how this type of reading to and with your child helps bring reading alive to them, and makes it part of their lives.

We play Get Out Of My Face, by one of my favorite Podsafe Artists, Uncle Seth- you can find their music on the Podsafe Music Network.

I then talk about Lesson 7 in our Ten Lessons to Maximize Your Child's Cognitive Development series(see the complete list under the Ten Lessons link off to the left) Lesson 7 Is Teach Children to Take Responsibility for themselves- both for their successes and failures. Teaching children- and showing them by example- how important it is to be an active participant in our own lives, and to be responsible for every action, good and bad, will give them confidence and a sense of control overthemselves and their future. With this sense of control, there's nothing they can't accomplish.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Show # 22

Click here to download show # 22 Dr. Paul Spangler and Intelligence Testing

Today's Show features a great interview with Dr. Paul Spangler. Dr. Spangler is a practicing psychologist, and specializes in developmental disabilities. He serves as an associate professor in developmental psychology at Drexel Univeristy, and has worked for the County of Philadelphia for 22 years in the Department of Mental Retardation. While his main area of work has been in the area of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, Dr. Spangler has alot of experience in testing, and evaluating children for a variety of developmental delays and developmental disabilities. We talk about how important testing can be, and what it's limitation are as well. What does an IQ test measure, and what do they results tell us? It was a great conversation, and I know you'll find it interesting!

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