Monday, March 10, 2008

Show # 80- Nancy Thomas- Early Childhood Education and Spotting Issues

Nancy Thomas (also my Mother In Law) is an expert in early childhood education. nancy has her master's in early childhood education from Wheelock Coolege in Boston, and has worked in the field for over thirty years. She has inspected day care centers and preschools for Broward and Dade County, Florida; she has owned her own center, and she teaches classes through Nova University.

When a child seems to be having some developmental delays or is not like the rest of the kids, where do you go for help, and what questions do you ask? Nancy was one of my primary resources, and we spoke about what it was like when my oldest son seemed to have some problems and how we handled that.

Nancy has always been a great source for me when I've been worried about my kids, and in this interview, we sit down and discuss how children develop over time and cognitive development; trusting a parent's intuition; why teachers hate giving bad news; contextual learning, the importance of story-telling as a learning tool; making family connections; and teaching children both to take the risks they need to learn as well as learning to be independent over time. Nancy is always thoughtful and provoking, and I know you will find her guidance as helpful as I have.

Sorry for the delay in shows- stomach flu has had us under the weather- but we're back!

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