Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s A Miracle- We’re Back!!!

After a long hiatus, I’m bringing the LD Podcast back!

I’ve gotten a bunch of great and supportive emails from folks, letting me know they miss the show. And now that my book is finished, it’s time to dust off the microphones and hit Reboot!

While I can definitely say some tech problems helped delay our comeback, including an upgrade to Windows 7 and incompatible drivers essentially meaning I had to transfer all my files and gear over to my Mac, we’re back in the saddle again!

During the time off, the boys are further along in school, and I was asked by Jossey Bass to write a book. Together with Jenifer Fox, we’ve written The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists, a book that helps teachers figure out ho to help differentiate instruction and personalize learning for all kids in the classroom. In addition to the book, we’ve put together a website on differentiation over at, and we’d love to have you check it out!

This show willgive you the update on what’s been happening, and we’ll have my interview with Anne Ford and her great new book, A Special Mother, next week!

Thanks again for all your support and sorry for the extended holiday. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to never overlook your community.

Feel free to also connect with me on social networks- @ldpodcast on Twitter, and Whitney Hoffman on Facebook!

Click here to download the show, or find us over at iTunes!

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