Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dale Brown- growing up LD Part II

Dale Brown is the former director of LD Online, and helped found the self-help movement for people with learning disabilities.

In this show, we talk about how important it is for people to be able to tell others about their learning issues, both to seek help, and to help other people understand where they struggle, so people don't make false assumptions about what people may be doing to compensate for their own processing issues. We talk about trying to help people find ways to help themselves, and how to use these successes to help others.

We also talk about contextual learning, and how hard it is to judge how hard other people are working- and how hard these criticisms can be for kids.

Next time, we'll finish up with our interview with Dale, talking about LD Online, changes in the LD community, and how we need to start supporting the resources we can take for granted, because without support, they will start to disappear.

Click here to listen to Part II, Dale Brown

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