Monday, October 09, 2006

Show # 23 Lesson 7 + Just One More Book

I had alot of fun interview Mark & Andrea Blevis for this podcast. mark & Andrea have 2 daughters, and started the Just One More Book podcast to share their love of children's books with us all. We talk about what makes a great children's book, and how this type of reading to and with your child helps bring reading alive to them, and makes it part of their lives.

We play Get Out Of My Face, by one of my favorite Podsafe Artists, Uncle Seth- you can find their music on the Podsafe Music Network.

I then talk about Lesson 7 in our Ten Lessons to Maximize Your Child's Cognitive Development series(see the complete list under the Ten Lessons link off to the left) Lesson 7 Is Teach Children to Take Responsibility for themselves- both for their successes and failures. Teaching children- and showing them by example- how important it is to be an active participant in our own lives, and to be responsible for every action, good and bad, will give them confidence and a sense of control overthemselves and their future. With this sense of control, there's nothing they can't accomplish.

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Anonymous ~Tara~ said...

Great podcast,
I really enjoyed it.
oh! and thanks for playing our music.

~Tara from Uncle Seth

4:41 PM  

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