Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Podcamp Redux

Podcamp was simply amazing. I finally got my act together and submitted the audio I recorded for David Berlind's Gear Talk and the Podcast Format panel. I created another page on my website,, to host the audio for these and the other recordings made, for those that are interested.
As I continue to process all the information I gained and the contacts I made over the weekend, I continually come back to this thought-
It is rare in life to meet people that you feel an instant connection and friendship with- this is an uncommon experience. The weird thing about Podcamp, is these intense connections were happening by the minute. It was overwhelming, and I left feeling like this experience needs to be replicated, as much as possible, elsewhere. It is too good to let go.

I met people like Julian Smith from In Over Your Head and Eric Skiff from FeltUp TV and the Alternative Music Show. Julian looks like a rock star, and from the viewpoint of a suburban mom, someone way too hip for me to hang with. But he is not only one of the world's nicest guys, he is so freaking smart! If he ever gives up the music biz, he could rocket to the head of almost any business venture, large or small. He is just plain smart. Julian plays a lot of hip hop, which I thought was just not my thing. But then I took off my blinders and listened to the last show. The music challenged my pre-conceptions about hip-hop, and I am now subscribing to the show, just to see what happens next. Julian's show is not for the tween set, but older kids and college students will love him. Give a listen- you might love it, too.

Eric is rather soft spoken and friendly. He is such a sweet guy. When I got home, I listened to the Alternative Music Show, and they play terrific stuff- definitely worth your time. The music is more acoustically based, and easier for those of us who have just left our 30's to digest. Eric's videos on Felt up TV are terrific- check out the one about firefox!

The bottom line here is that I met many new people in podcamp, and many people I would have never crossed paths with in my regular day to day life. I am passionate about what I am doing with this podcast, but there are times I also feel like just another suburban mom, no one very important or worth paying attention to. The other podcasters out there were supportive and genuinely excited about what I am doing, and it's really refueled my batteries and helped me believe anyone can make a difference. With this blog and podcast, I hope I am helping you and your family- I know talking about the things I care about certainly helps me!

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