Thursday, July 27, 2006

Show # 13 And Exciting News!

Show # 13 The Myth of the Fix

This is part one of our ten part series- Things Parents Can do to Maximize Their Child's Cognitive Abilities. Researchers have found that one of the best things we can do for our kids is NOT to treat them as clay we can mold into any shape we want, but that we should look for their own natural talents and abilities and find ways to help them make the most of these abilities, even if they are things we ourselves aren't crazy about.

For parents of kids with learning difficulties, and those struggling in school, this is absolutely essential. We need to be able to recognize what are children CAN do, rather than always picking on the areas and things they can't do. This may mean giving up some of our parental hopes and dreams, and creating a new version of reality. As a result, many parents go through stages similar to those going through the grieving process as they adjust to the child they have, rather than the ideal, dream child they may have wished for.

We want you to know that the child you have is wonderful and talented, despite any problems. The next lesson, discussed in the next show will cover the next step- Setting Goals that are realistic, and neither bore nor frustrate your child.

We recommend a series of books by Donald Clifton that can help you identify your child's blossoming talents.

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The exciting news is that the local paper, the Wilmington News Journal, came and interviewed Melody and I for a story on podcasting for the paper! It should be published in a few weeks, and I'll post links to the article when it's published!


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