Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Show # 11- Therapists

In this show, Melody and I talk about our experience with therapists and what makes a good therapist- child relationship. Whether it's language, speech, occupational, physical, or behavioral therapy, all good therapists have to have a great relationship with the child and have an ability to make skill building fun and enjoyable. If the child is miserable in therapy, they won't get alot of benefit from it, wasting time and money.
We also include two songs today, Not On The Radio- a podcasting anthem of sorts, by Geoff Smith. Geoff writes great music, and also finds time to write jingles and intros for many podcasters- my dream is to have him do some music for me! Please check out his other great songs through Podshow + and Geoff's Website, The second song is Summertime by Brother Love, also available on the podsafe music network.

Our recommendation for today is Pocket Full Of Therapy. It is a great resource for all those little therapy toys, pencil grips, and other things to help your children at home. They have a great catalog they can send you, or you can look at products online at

We now have voicemail! Leave your comments and ideas for us, and we may play your comment in a future show! Our voicemail number is (206) 666-2343.

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