Friday, July 14, 2006

New Shows in the Works

We're working hard to make sure we keep to our weekly schedule here at the LD Podcast. With family vacations coming up, this means producing quite a few shows in a short time frame, so don;t be surprised if you see several shows appearing in a few days, and then a small haitus until the next appears until mid-August.

Upcoming shows will include:

Self-Esteem- Why what we say to our children and how we say it is so important

Finding Your Child's Strengths

Therapists- Our kids have had occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech/language therapy, but not all therapists are created equal. How can a parent tell, and what should parents look for in a therapist?

Handwriting: For this show, I am hoping to have a few of my favorite occupational therapists talk about why handwriting is actuallymore important to a child's academic success than you might think, and how it involves so much more than just the way they hold a pencil.

Long Range Plans-So many parents of kids with learning disabilities worry about if their child will ever go to college, rather than where they will go. The path to success as an adult isn't always straight, and can have many twists and turns for everyone. For most kids with learning disabilities, college is very much in the picture, and they have every opportunity to succeed. This show is about how education needs to be a good fit for your child, and why Harvard and Princeton aren't necessary for, or a guarantee of, later life success.

The 10 Part series of Parent Lessons That Can Maximize Your Child's Cognitive Abilities
This series of podcasts willl be based on a book chapter I read this summer by Williams & Sternberg (from Cornell and Yale University, respectively) that details 10 lessons parents can take to help their children become the best they can be. Some of the lessons may surprise you, but all are useful for children with or without learning disabilities.

Organization for a Good Start to the School Year: Simple things can make a big difference in day-today hassles. Homework boxes, time and place for studying, and even timers can all help us develop a routine that can take the hassle out of homework.

As always, please visit our main webpage at You can leave comments here, or on the webpage, or simply email us at I'd love to hear your feedback and what topics most interest you!

Books On Strengths

Below are links to some of my favorite books about maximizing strengths- this is especially important for kinds with learning disabilities. While these books focus primarily on adults and business, the principals are applicable to everyone.


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