Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Shows coming soon!

By this weekend, I hope to have 2 more shows posted- since it is the end of school today for the kids, and my youngest has his birthday on Saturday, things are a bit nuts around here! John will also promote to his "red/black" belt in karate. meaning he is one bely away from his black belt. While we are all proud of him, it's also pretty funny- besides only turning eight this week, John looks like a young Harry Potter- glasses, disruly straight hair, skinny, wise cracking and smart. It's hard to imagine him as a threat to anything other than peace and quiet most of the time, so seeing him as an accomplished and potentially dangerous black belt strikes me as an oxymoron.

The two new podcasts will about the benefits and burdens of lables and how they help kids get the help they need at school, but fall far short from telling the whole picture about a child and how they learn.

The fifth show in the works is about standardized testing and No Child Left Behind. The biggest problem with the standardized testing is the high stakes involved are largely those for the adults, not the kids. This means that the tests aren't really being used to diagnose why a particular child isn't where we want them to be academically, but instead, we take the results, mash them together, and use them to punish teachers and schools for failing children. This really doesn't solve any problems, it just makes things more complicated in the end.
You'll hear about some of the unintended consequences of standardized testing that have made the news, and why we need to look at some other ways to determine what a quality education really means.

Please look for these new shows by Monday, June 19th!

Have a great weekend!


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