Monday, October 30, 2006

Show #27 The Academy in Manayunk

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Parents know one source of special education is the local public school. But if your child needs help but doesn't qualify for services, or if you aren't happy with the services or the progress your child is making, is there any alternative?

One of the options is to look at the growing number of private schools specializing in teaching children with language-based learning disabilities. The gold standard and original school to specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities is the Lab School of Washington, DC, started by Sally Smith. The school just recently opened a third affiliate in Philadelphia, The Academy in Manayunk. The Academy uses the Lab School Model to instruct children with language based learning disabilities on a college prep course of study, 2nd through 7 th grade. It also has a large commitment to instruct teachers, educators, parents, and the community about research-based instruction and how all groups can team together to make these children academically successful.
I know you'll enjoy learning about the Academy from the Executive Director, Pat Roberts and Associate Director, Nancy Blair, themselves.

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