Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Show # 25: Dr. James Conroy Interview, Part 2

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In part 2, Dr. Conroy, from the Center for Outcome Analysis and I continue our conversation about whether children with learning disabilities are being served adequately in a regular cloassroom, or whether segregation is appropriate at times. We talk about children who are both gifted and learning disabled, and why changes in education need to start in the training of our teachers. We both agree that changing the face of education means finally, teching children how to learn. By giving them the skills and tools for effective learning and critical thinking, we'll have kids who are life long learners, not just people who are good at spitting back rote information.

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ALSO This Week:

LD Podcast Joins Grasshopper New Media
The wonderful people at Grasshopper New Media
have asked me to join their growing network of podcasts. Grasshopper is a new New Media company, and are in the process of creating great channels of content I know you will love. By having "one stop shopping", you'll be able to find shows related to the same topic or genre. For example, The Grasshopper New Media Parenting Channel will consist of podcasts, videocasts, blogs, and other content relating to subjects of interest to families, whether it's the LD Podcast, Career Mom Radio, or any of the other great Grasshopper affiliates. This is the same great content, it will just be available and affiliated with other great content providers, other shows you might find right up your alley. Subscriptions through iTunes should stay the same, and with any changes in feeds, subscriptions, or the like, you'll hear it and see it here long before any changes are made.


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