Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show # 24- Dr. James Conroy

Show # 24 Dr. James Conroy from the Center for Outcome Analysis (Part One)

I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. James Conroy from the Center for Outcome Analysis. Dr. Conroy has been involved with measuring the outcomes of social services programs for many years- one of his missions is to figure out whether people are better off after particpating in social services or not, and what people really need out of the programs. He has two children who have LD, and has struggled, even as an expert psychologist, through the same IEP process and what Individualized Education really means in practice. Is segregating kids into special schools and classrooms the best plan, or is full inclusion better, or is it somewhere in between? Jim is one of the smartest people I've spoken with, and I know you'll enjoy his insights and stories.

Click here to download my interview with Dr. James Conroy (Part One)


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