Sunday, December 31, 2006

Show 36: Year End Wrap Up and Intro to ADHD Month

This week's show is split into two parts- the first gives new listeners some background into what the LD Podcast is, and why it's important. We then play "My World", by Trout Fishing in America, a great song that gives you a glimpse at the inner world of kids, especially the distractaable type. A perfect introduction to ADHD month on the LD Podcast! (THANK YOU very much to Ezra and Keith for giving me permission to play their song, My World on the LD Podcast. Their music is fun for adults and kids- we go to their summer concert at Longwood Gardens almost every year!)

On one of the earliest shows, when I still had a tendancy to sound like I was reading off cue cards, I did a brief history of ADHD. Today's Introduction to ADHD month is not only the history of ADHD, but the most recent statistics about ADHD from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The CDC did a study, published in 2005, based on 2003 figures about the prevalence of ADHD in all 50 states and how many children are currently being treated with medication for ADHD. (Over 4.4 million children were diagnosed with ADHD, and 56% of those children were receiving treatment that included medication.) With all the information and misinforation about ADHD available on the web and in the news, parents really need to know the real story of ADHD and how it affects kids.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Hints from Those Who Know!

Happy Holidays!

Almost every holiday brings gatherings of friends and relatives. This can be the source of alot of joy, or alot of stress. For example, I take the little comments, even those that are meant in the most innocuous way possible, much more seriously and to heart when they are from family. I am much more senstive to critique in this environment, and holidays can feel like getting an annual parenting review, where your children's progress is judged and grades are handed out by others.

So in that vein, Melody and I sat down and talked about how to make the holidays less stressful. Whether its making reasonable expectations for events, and not expecting your family to turn into the Waltons or The Brady Bunch over night, or simply finding ways so parents and kids have safety valves to make sure no melt downs occur, these small tips can help your holidays be a little more peaceful and enjoyable, rather than feeling like you are a "few clowns short of a circus."

Enjoy, and we will be back in ten days with the next LD Podcast!

I'd love to include your holiday stories in another episode of the LD Podcast! Send your comments in through our voicemail line- (206) 666-2343! Or email us at!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Show #34: Smart Kids witth School Problems

Rich Weinfeld is a many with many talents. Besides being the father of two boys, he is an author of two great books, Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties: Overcoming Obstacles and Realizing Potential, and Helping Boys Succeed in School. Rich has been a special educator, he lectures at Johns Hopkins University, and has a private practice education consulting group, The Weinfeld Education Group. Rich was kind enough to talk with me a few weeks ago about how we identify kids with learning disabilities, how to talk with teachers and administrators to make sure your child is getting what they need while forging constructive relationships, and when you might want to consider an educational advocate. Most kids have gotten one set of grades by this point in the school year, and if your child is struggling, there may be cause to investigate further. This great information may help you start those tough conversations, and help you help your child at the start of a new year, if not get the ball rolling before the Holiday break!

Happy Holidays to all! Please email us at or contact us via our voicemail number, (206) 666-2343

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Audio Christmas card!

A Podsafe Christmas

As a change up, I have put together a collection of my favorite podsafe holiday music for you. We'll be back with new content later in the week, but consider this a small present to all listeners, podcasters, and the wonderful, terrific people I have met and worked with this past year. The list is long, and I forgot to mention a few of these people on the podcast, but here is a longer, but probably not complete, list:

Paige & Gretchen From Mommycast

Dennis Grey, 101 Uses For Baby Wipes

Mike and Karen Patrick, Pediacast

Mark Blevis and his wife Andrea, Just One More Book

Jahn Havens

Chris Brogan & all the Grasshoppers

Chris Penn

Dr. Kathleen King & Peter Yanke

Everyone from Podcamp!

Megin & Rob Hatch, Melody Ruth, Joan La Strange, Kim Mansk, Marsha Fortunato, Courtney Rau, The Academy in Manayunk, Elliot Glickman, Jim Conroy, Paul Spangler, Laurie LeComer, Rich Weinfeld, Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, The Autism Podcast, Kids Wife Work Life,

and to each and every listener, to everyone else who said yes when they could have said no, everyone who encouraged me to try new things and explore these new areas- what can I say but Wow! and Thank You so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Click Here to listen to our Audio Christmas Card!

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