Sunday, December 31, 2006

Show 36: Year End Wrap Up and Intro to ADHD Month

This week's show is split into two parts- the first gives new listeners some background into what the LD Podcast is, and why it's important. We then play "My World", by Trout Fishing in America, a great song that gives you a glimpse at the inner world of kids, especially the distractaable type. A perfect introduction to ADHD month on the LD Podcast! (THANK YOU very much to Ezra and Keith for giving me permission to play their song, My World on the LD Podcast. Their music is fun for adults and kids- we go to their summer concert at Longwood Gardens almost every year!)

On one of the earliest shows, when I still had a tendancy to sound like I was reading off cue cards, I did a brief history of ADHD. Today's Introduction to ADHD month is not only the history of ADHD, but the most recent statistics about ADHD from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The CDC did a study, published in 2005, based on 2003 figures about the prevalence of ADHD in all 50 states and how many children are currently being treated with medication for ADHD. (Over 4.4 million children were diagnosed with ADHD, and 56% of those children were receiving treatment that included medication.) With all the information and misinforation about ADHD available on the web and in the news, parents really need to know the real story of ADHD and how it affects kids.

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