Thursday, November 09, 2006

Show # 29 Lessons 9 & 10 and Wrap Up

Show # 29: Lessons 9 & 10 to Maximize Your Child's Cognitive Abilities and Wrap Up of Series

In today's show, we talk about the last 2 lessons in our ten lesson series on Maximizing Your Child's Cognitive Abilities. Less on 9 is about teaching your children to be able to see things from another point of view, and understanding that criticism is often something they should consider and use as a learning opportunity, not as a badge of failure or short coming. Lesson 10 is about how it's not the money you spend on your kids that matters, but the quality of their experiences. The Ten Lessons are adapted from a chapter by Williams and Sternberg in Volume 5 of The Handbook of Parenting, a five volume set of books digesting the research on parenting and raising children. It is edited by Marc Bornstein from the National Institutes of Health, and is probably the most complete digest of research into children and parents available. (It also the most expensive, as each volume retails for over $150.00).

The take home message from the series is that parents can be very influential in helping their kids maximize their intellectual potential, but it requires that parents get involved and stay involved in their child's intellectual development, rather than passing this off as the job solely of school.

Today's show includes 2 songs- Libery Jones by The Shakes, and Black Coffee by Chaz, available on the Podsafe Music Network.

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