Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Hints from Those Who Know!

Happy Holidays!

Almost every holiday brings gatherings of friends and relatives. This can be the source of alot of joy, or alot of stress. For example, I take the little comments, even those that are meant in the most innocuous way possible, much more seriously and to heart when they are from family. I am much more senstive to critique in this environment, and holidays can feel like getting an annual parenting review, where your children's progress is judged and grades are handed out by others.

So in that vein, Melody and I sat down and talked about how to make the holidays less stressful. Whether its making reasonable expectations for events, and not expecting your family to turn into the Waltons or The Brady Bunch over night, or simply finding ways so parents and kids have safety valves to make sure no melt downs occur, these small tips can help your holidays be a little more peaceful and enjoyable, rather than feeling like you are a "few clowns short of a circus."

Enjoy, and we will be back in ten days with the next LD Podcast!

I'd love to include your holiday stories in another episode of the LD Podcast! Send your comments in through our voicemail line- (206) 666-2343! Or email us at ldpodcast@gmail.com!

Click here to download Show 35- Holidays Tips from Melody!

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