Monday, July 30, 2007

Show #63- Avoiding Extremes

Show # 63- Avoiding Extremes- We're Back From vacation!

In today's show, I talk about how we need to keep centered, and avoid the extreme reactions to things. For example, we can choose to be an advocate, or we can choose to be adversarial with school staff; We can ask for help or we can demand services; we can work as a team or take defensive and polarizing positions.

In the end, parents need to work together with schools, teachers, doctors, therapists and more. We need to work through the bureaucracy, rather than just rail against it. We need to work as much within the system as possible, and try to get as many others on our child;s side as possible. By showing yourself as an engaged and concerned parent, you are more likely to get what you and your child need, than if you take an adversarial and combative approach to every interaction with professionals.

You want to be respected, and as such, you have to be the professional as well, even when it's frustrating and makes you angry. We all need to remember- When the elephants fight- it's the grass that gets trampled. In other words, when we fight with professionals, our child may really be the one hurt in the end by all this conflict.

Today's song is Black Coffee by Chaz and is available on the podsafe music network.

If anyone's interested, you can see some of the great shots we got on our whale watch by going to our main website, at and clicking on the link. That way, you won't get the whole movie downloaded to your computer by accident!.

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