Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Show #54- Anne Ford and John Thompson- On Their Own

Anne Ford and John Richard Thompson have collaborated on a second book, On Their Own- Creating an Independent Future for your Adult Child with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Anne has a daughter with severe learning disabilities, has been a leading LD activist and is the former Chairman of the National Center for Learning Disabilities. John, her co-author, has helped Anne in lobbying Congress, and has spoken to parents across the Country about their children with LD.

I spoke with Anne and John about this terrific book. I was riveted by the book, because it addresses the problems that occur as kids with LD and ADHD have not only now, but as they get older, and how to gradually prepare them, so you can gradually let go and let them live their own lives. (Not always an easy job for parents.) It covers issues ranging from how siblings react to having a brother or sister with LD, to dating, transitioning from high school to college to the job force, as well as estate planning for you to help provide any support that might be necessary for your child with disabilities. The bottom line is that if we don’t prepare our kids to be self-sufficient when they’re young (whther they have LD or not) how can we reasonably expect them to care for themselves when they go to college or leave the nest? Is it any wonder so many kids come home and don’t want to leave??

Anne, John and I spoke for over an hour; I have split the interview into three parts, released over the next few days in sequence. Part I talks about Anne’s experience with her daughter, Allegra and why she and John wrote On Their Own.

Part II addresses dealing with problems ranging from what to call “it” to having both parents on the same page, to how siblings react; part III addresses the job and employment issues that may look like disorganized lockers or desks for school age children, but remain part of an LD person’s profile. There is no statute of limitation on LD.

I have five copies of this wonderful book to give out- the first five listeners who send emails to, or voicemail (206) 666-2343 or comments here on the blog/website will win. I’ll notify you and then I’ll send the books out to you.

I know you’ll enjoy both the interview and this terrific book from people who have been there themselves- and remember, kids need to be able to be On Their Own.

Click here to listen to Show #54- Anne Ford and John Thompson- On Their Own

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