Thursday, April 12, 2007

Show #50: Conversation with Paige Heninger of Mommycast - Moms & Kids with ADHD

Paige is one of the two fantastic moms who started the first podcast I ever listened to, Mommycast. Paige and Gretchen also inspired me to start the LD Podcast, and I consider them some of my oldest and closest online friends.

Paige is the mother of five children, two of whom have been diagnosed with ADHD, and Paige has ADHD as well. In part I, Paige and I talk about what it was like to try to figure out why her oldest son was struggling in school, trying to communicate with teachers, and finally find outpart of the problem was due to ADHD.

In part II, Paige and I talk more about how finding out about her son's ADHD transformed his experience in school, and took him from a smart but struggling kid into a real academic superstar; what it was like when she found out she had ADHD; and what her current child is going through as he gets tested at age 7 1/2 to see whether he, too, is ADHD like his mom and siblings.

I know you'll find this helpful whether your child has ADHD or any other LD or school struggle. The story is a very familiar one to most parents whose kids seem smart and bright, but for some reason, seem to really be underperforming in school. Parents always hear comments like "We know he can do it, if he'd only concentrate and apply himself"- sometimes the problem is not a moral problem, but an underlying neurological one, like ADHD.

Next week, I have an interview with Peter Wright of Pete is an attorney who specializes in special education law and has travelled the country, speaking to parents and educators about how the special education laws and No Child Left behind affect kids with disabilities. Pete also argued a landmark case, Florence County School District v. Carter, before the Supreme Court. Pete also has learning disabilities and struggled in school, so he knows about the importance of these issues on a personal basis as well as a professional one.

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