Sunday, March 25, 2007

Show #48 Conversation with Sally Smith Part II

This week's show is a continuation of my conversation with Sally Smith, Founder and Director of the Lab School. We talk about teaching children with learning disabilities, early identification, and how important it is to have parental support. Sally even answers Kristen's question about Orton Gillingham vs. Linda Mood Bell reading, and why she favors training teachers in both methods, so they can use whatever method works best for the child, rather than assuming one method will teach all.

At the end of the interview, Sally asked me about podcasting, and I decided to leave this part of our conversation in, largely because Sally then spoke about her motivation to write No Easy Answers, her wonderful book about parenting children with learning disabilities. This is one of the best books for parents, as it covers everything from understanding how your child learns, to the very real and emotional rollercoaster parents go through while trying to help thier children.

I'd love to hear your feedback on shows!

I'll be at Podcamp NYC on April 7th- if you're there, please come say hi! Please note that the venue for Podcamp NYC has changed, and will now be held at the New Yorker Hotel - please consult the Podcamp NYC blog and wiki for the most up to date information.

Because of travel, spring break, and the like, shows may be bi-weekly for the next few weeks. As a parent, it's hard sometimes juggling work, family and podcasting. Thank you for your patience! We should be back on track soon.

Click here to listen to Conversation with Sally Smith Part II

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