Sunday, April 01, 2007

Moms & Kids with ADHD

Show #49- Conversation with Paige Heninger from Mommycast!

Mommycast was one of the first podcasts I ever listend to, and Paige and Gretchen inspired me to try podcasting on my own- what turned into the LD Podcast! Paige's discussions about ADHD on Mommycast made me think that there should be a whole podcast dedicated to discussing how various LD's affect kids, parents and families. Providing pointers to reliable information is also critical. Hence, the LD Podcast was born.

Since Paige and I not only have kids with ADHD, but have it ourselves, we have a tendancy to talk for ages when we get a chance to catch up, and I think this show is a good example!

I have split this conversation into parts as well, to prevent the show from going too long, and to accommodate both Spring Break & PodCamp NYC commitments. In this first part, Piage and I talk about her son, Sam, was strugling in school despite being very bright, and how they decided to get him evaluated, and what that entailed. We talk about frustrations that occassionally arise in dealing with teachers, and how ultimately, it's our responsibility to look out for our child's best interest.

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And remember- You can see me at PodCamp NYC, at the New Yorker Hotel, April 6 & 7th!
(the excellent promo by Chris Penn appears at the end of the show!)

Click here to Download Show#49- Conversation with Paige From Mommycast pt. 1

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