Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Peter Wright, Wrightslaw: Special Education Law and You

Show #52 Conversation with Peter Wright, Part II

Peter Wright is a well-known attorney, specializing in special education law. He argued an important special education case, Florence County School District v. Carter, before the Supreme Court. This is particularly impressive, since Pete himself has learning disabilities, and talks openly about his struggles in school as a child.

Pete has also written many books, including From Emotions to Advocacy, Special Education Law, and No Child Left Behind.

In part II of our conversation, Pete and I talk about why we aren't always using the best reading programs for kids with learning issues in public schools; why parents are so important in making sure kids get what they need, and why inclusion/segregation is more about the most appropriate learning environment for an individual rather than a system-wide one size fits all goal.

We have a song by Uncle Seth- Both Sides Now, followed at the end by a few minutes of "bonus" audio about parents and understanding the law.

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