Saturday, June 02, 2007

Show #56- Anne Ford and John Richard Thompson

This is the last of our three part conversation with Anne Ford and John Richard Thompson about their new book, On Their Own: Creating an Independent Future for Your Adult Child with Learning Disabilities and ADHD, published by New Market Press. We talk about how we need to help kids develop self-advocacy skills, in order to help them succeed in the workplace. We also talk about life coaches, accommodations and estate planning. Many thanks again to Anne & John for their time and their truly wonderful book!

Congratulations to our book winners so far - Kim, Tracey, Sue, Terry, Shelly and Patty!

Thanks to Joey and Patty for their audio comments- I will include them in an upcoming show. Please keep those comments and emails coming- I'd like to have enough to do an audience -participation show, answering questions, playing comments, and making you part of our growing community.

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New Free Reading Material!

I've also recently added a chapter from my book-in-progress, in PDF format, if you are interested. You'll have to go to the main website at to get it, though. It's about the basics of brain and cognitive development in kids, presented in a "Bill Nye The Science Guy" way for parents. For me at least, it always has been helpful to know what part of a child's issues might be developmental (They'll get better over time as they get older) and which parts are hard-wired (this is something in their basic makeup and unlikely to change much). I am eager to hear what you think- if you do read it, please send you feedback to me at Any and all feedback, positive, negative, indifferent- is all valuable and helpful, so please be honest!

Upcoming shows:

Dr. Robert Brooks- All about Raising Resilient Children and Raising a Self-Disciplined Child
Jan Olsen- Handwriting Without Tears- a great handwriting program used in many schools that you can use easily at home!

Click here to download or listen to Anne Ford & John Richard Thompson- Jobs, Self-Advocacy, Life Coaches & Estate Planning

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