Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Show #60- Jan Olsen, OTR- Handwriting Without Tears, Part II

This week's show starts out with a few quick stories, including a wrap up of the amazing people I met at Podcasters Across Borders. Podcasts to check out:
Quirky Nomads- Sage Tyrtle
Just One More Book- Mark and Andrea
The Catfish Show- Cat & Bob

Thanks to Dave Reader of Parrish, NY for all his help in fixing my flat tires, and sharing his life with me on my way to PAB. Dave told me what it was like for him growing up with dyslexia, and how his experiences affected how he encouraged his children to stay in school. His daughter now teaches autistic children in Massachusetts.

I share comments from listener Susanna about the last show.

In the second half of my interview with Jan Olsen, Jan talks in detail about the handwriting without tears program, and how it can help kids learn to write - tear free. One great comment she made- "Honey, you're doing great- it's your letters that are in trouble!" As a result of my conversation with Jan, I have new workooks, and will start working with my guys again this summer, no more than five minutes, twice a day. I'll post their progress on the blog- this will help keep me honest and accountable, too.

Next show, we'll celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

Thanks again for listening, and as always, contact us by email at and by phone at (206) 666-2343.

Click here to listen to Jan Olsen, Handwriting w/o Tears part II

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