Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Show #72 Benjamin Mitchell, Director of Admissions, Landmark College- Transitioning to College

In today's show, we speak with Ben Mitchell, Director of Admissions at Landmark College. Landmark College specializes in students with learning disabilities and ADHD, as well as transitioning students into other four-year colleges with the skills they need to succeed.

Ben and I talked about a variety of topics, including Universal Design of Curriculum, seeking to make college courses accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. We spoke about the Center for Applied Special Technology, or CAST, which specializes in universal design; the Association of Higher Eeducation and Disability, (AHEAD), a group of colleges looking at accessibility issues for students with a broad range of disabilities, not just learning issues.

With national graduation rates from college indicating that over 45% of students drop out, colleges are trying to figure out how to reduce this rate. But the biggest challenges students face when entering college is not the classwork itself, it's having to manage time, organization, and planning, needed to complete coursework- the skill set that poses so many challenges for kids with learning disabilities and ADHD in particular. Executive functions and understanding how a student learns best is a primary issue for college students, and it's at the center of the programs provided at Landmark.

Even if your child is not of college age, I know you'll find this conversation intriguing, as we talk about how learning to learn is as important as what you learn about at school.

Click here to Download Ben Mitchell, Landmark College- Universal Design in Curriculum and Skills needed in the Transition to College

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