Monday, November 05, 2007

Show # 70 Nina Straightman - Language therapist- Fluency, Comprehension, and the Development of Language Skills

In this show, we continue our conversation with Nina Straightman, talking about the language development in newborns, fluency and text structure, using graphic organizers and how language- from oral language to reading to writing develop in kids.

Recently, a number of authors have been through our area, speaking about the books they've written and signing books for children. We've been to presentations from Brian Jacques, author of Redwall and other novels for children, and Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, authors of the Peter and the Star Catchers series. Over the next few episodes, I'm going to include short clips from these presentations, so you get a sense of what these book signings are like, and how really wonderful they can be for kids. Kids learn that authors are real people, and children's authors are particularly good at engaging the audience and bringing their words to life to kids. I think there are few better ways to make books and writing exciting to kids as to hear authors speak about their favorite books.

Click here to listen to Part II - Nina Straightman- Language Therapist

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