Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Catching Up

Ever feel like your hanging on by your fingertips? We've been really busy here behind the scenes, setting up interviews, attending a conference or two and -even taking a vacation with the family. After a brief hiatus, the LD Podcast is back!

In todays show, we talk about Autsim Awareness Month; an update on the Ma Chen Autism School in China project, and recent happenings in the news about learning disabilities issues.

You'll here us talk about a new sponsor for the show in this episode, although after I recorded the show, we found out the formal sponsorship will start in May; consider this a preview of coming attractions!

We've got some exciting things for you on the horizon-and It's good to be back at the mike to talk with you again!

Click here to listen to our show- Catching Up!


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