Thursday, January 10, 2008

Show # 76- Dr. Steve Graham, Part II

In the second part of my interview with Steve Graham, we talk about how early we should start to work on a child’s writing, when kids start developing negative attitudes towards writing, and the costs of not being able to write well. We also share a few things about writer’s block, style, strategies and getting into the flow.

I also talk about a recent article from the BBC showing over 13 million adults in the UK are stressed about their lack of skills in literacy and mat, and how adults use math skills up to 14 times a day and literacy skills up to 23 times a day. This sure convinced my 6th graders that they couldn’t avoid learning this tuff now and it was important to them as adults!

I also talk about the recent PBS Frontline special on The Medicated Child.

Our intro features a clip that Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson were kind enough to record for me at a recent book signing, and I encourage you all to check out their Peter and the Shadow Thieves books- they’re fantastic!

Click here to listen to Show #76- Dr. Steve Graham

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