Friday, December 14, 2007

Audio Holiday Card- Merry Christmas, Happy Haunnakah, Happy New Year!

This year, as last, I have put together an audio christmas card to thank you, the listeners to the LD Podcast, to the Guests, and to the many friends of the show that all keep me energized to keep this project going week after week.

Special thank you to:

Our guests:

Tom Brown, Dale Brown, from LD Online, Anne Ford, Dr. Perri Klass, Dr. Steve Graham, Sally smith, who passed away on December 1st; Ben Mitchell, Rick LaVoie, Dr. Bob Brooks, Alan Zametkin, Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, Nina Straightman

Friends and Podcasters:

Paige & Gretchen from Mommycast and the Mommycast and Friends Channel, that I am so proud to be a part of; Andrea Ross and Mark Blevis from the Just One More Book podcast; Denis Gray, from 101 Use for Baby Wipes; Erin & Kristen from Manic Mommies; Dr. Mike Patrick from Pediacast;

Podcampers and New Media Folk:

Chris Penn, CC Chapman, Chris Brogan, Megin and Stu over at the GNM Parents blog, Linda Mills, John Havens, Jen Yuan who made me do National Blog Posting Month this year; Howard Greenstein, Eric Skiff, Lynnette Young, Kathryn Jones, Kathy King, Vivian Vasquez, Tammy and Wendy from Podtalk Divas, Bob Goyetche and his wife Kat, who do almost too many podcasts to mention; Michelle Wolverton, Bill Rowland, Adam Plante, Rand, Drew Olanoff, Steve Lubetkin, Alan Chaess, Alex Hillman, Annie from GPTMC, Deni and Lisa Marshall, from Podcamp Philly.

Podsafe artists include:
Uncle Seth
Geoff Smith
Matthew Ebel
Joel Kopieschke
The Alice Project
Gary Sundbad
Craig Cardif
Adreinne Pierce
The Hipcola
The Hot Rods
The New Autonomous Folk Singers
The Candy Butchers with Mike Viola

click here to listen to Audio Christmas card, and Happy Holidays to Everyone!


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