Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LD Podcast "Unplugged"- Mark Blevis interviews Whitney about Homework

Mark Blevis, from the Just One More Book podcast,interviewed me on our drive into Podcamp Philly about homework. This is a really honest and revealing interview about how we handle homework at our house, and what I see as the value and pitfalls of how homework is used in schools. Since I was the driver, the answers are about as honest and non-scripted as is possible- you hear exactly what was said, uncut and unedited, as two parents, two friends, discuss homework and their children.

To give you some background, Mark and his wife Andrea Ross, interview authors and illustrators on their Just One More Book podcast, as well as give their reviews of different children's books. You can even call up and leave a review of your favorite book, and they'll play it on the show. Mark and Andrea are raising two fantastic daughters in Canada, and they always point me in the direction of fanatastic books my kids and I love to share, even though I have boys. The show helps me appreciate the richness of children's literature, and how it can enrich the lives of adults and kids alike.

Let me know if you like the style of this show- please send feedback to If this is interesting, we'll try to do work more unfiltered interviews with parents into the show.

Thanks again to Mark for the audio, the idea, and the opportunity to go "unplugged".

Click here to download and listen to LD Podcast Unplugged- Mark Blevis and Whitney Hoffman Discuss Homework

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