Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Melinda Pongrey- Educational Therapist, Part II

In this week's show, we continue our conversation with Melinda Pongrey, Educational Therapist and producer of the LD Live show. In today's show, we talk about "Dysteachia", educational research, how everyone sees a child through a different lens, and how important a parent's perspective is. We talk about how critical it is to actually include the child in the discussions, to find out exactly how they see the world, and even help them brainstorm solutions.

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Click here to listen to Melinda Pongrey, Part II

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Show # 82- Melinda Pongey, Educational Therapist

Today is the first part of my interview with Melinda Pongrey. Melinda is the producer of a live video LD talk show called LD Live, and an educational therapist in Washington State.

Melinda and I discuss what an Educational therapist does, when you might want to consider one, what kids really need to succeed in school, and how listening to kids is one of the best diagnostic tools around.

This is also our first week of sponsorship with Aveeno Baby. I'd love to hear your reactions to our first ever sponsor of the podcast, and any suggestions you might have- please email me at
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Click here to listen to Show # 82- Melinda Pongrey and LD Live!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Catching Up

Ever feel like your hanging on by your fingertips? We've been really busy here behind the scenes, setting up interviews, attending a conference or two and -even taking a vacation with the family. After a brief hiatus, the LD Podcast is back!

In todays show, we talk about Autsim Awareness Month; an update on the Ma Chen Autism School in China project, and recent happenings in the news about learning disabilities issues.

You'll here us talk about a new sponsor for the show in this episode, although after I recorded the show, we found out the formal sponsorship will start in May; consider this a preview of coming attractions!

We've got some exciting things for you on the horizon-and It's good to be back at the mike to talk with you again!

Click here to listen to our show- Catching Up!