Sunday, August 27, 2006

Show # 16: Parents As Partners in Education

In this week's show, we talk about how important it is to teach children that the main limitation about what they CAN do is what they tell themselves they CANNOT do. In other words, the limitations we impose on ourselves, such as "I'm no good at Math" or "I can't do this stupid thing" become self fulfilling prophesy. We need to teach our children (and ourselves) to be able to step back and approach the problem from a different perspective, or after a break, when we can conquer it, especially if we have to power of a positive attitude.

This week, I've had a great email from Dr. Mike Patrick Jr., a pediatrician who has started his own podcast for parents, entitled Pediacast. You can get it through iTunes or on his website.

This week's song is Save Our School by the Children of Selsted CE Primary School in Kent, England. All funds generated fromt he sale of this song through the Podsafe Music Network go directly to the School, to help keep it open for these chidren who clearly are passionate about their school, and the community it represents.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Show #15 News and technical difficulties......

Technology is great, until it fails. I was preparing to record an interview when my computer developed a huge glitch, and my back-up recording device likewise didn't capture the audio I needed. As a result, I will have to delay using my new fancy-schmancy equipment until I upgrade the computer.
This means today's show is slightly different, and has none of the usual music and intros. We talk about the new regulations under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) that change the way schools determine what children are eligible for help, hopefully meaning more children will be offerred services at a younger age than is currently the case.
We also talk about the way standardized testing actually creaes the incentive for teachers to ry to game the system, as was seen recently in Camden, New Jersey, where teachers and school administrators essentially falsified children's tests to boost their "merit" pay for dramatically increasing the school's performance on statewide testing.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Show #14 Is Up!

We're Back from vacation and alot is going on!
On August 6, 2006, the Wilmington News Journal did a great article about the podcast! Click here to see the articles, along with pictures of me, the studio, and my children!

We had a great two weeks away. James had his first overnight camp experience, and we spent alot of time both at Disney and with relatives. It was really hot, but alot of fun.
Today's show is part two of our ten part series on ways to maximize your child's cognitive development. Lesson Two is "Aim to meaningfully challenge your children without overwhelming them or boring them." We talk about how important it is to find this middle ground, where children can feel free to take risks and learn, without fear of failure.

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